Workshop Manager - Architectural Steel Fabrication


Job Type: Engineering
Employment type: Permanent
Location: England


Description of the Role
The role of Workshop Manager is to manage all aspects of the fabrication workshop, ensuring that fabricated items are manufactured to the highest quality, in the most economical and safe manner, and delivered to Site to meet the installation program and deadlines. This is a new role within the Company, it is expected that the Workshop Manager will work closely with and become a key member of the current Management Team. 
Key Duties & Responsibilities
o Manage the day to day organisation of the workshop - Allocating tasks to the appropriate workshop personnel, giving consideration to their:- experience, capability and competence to complete the task. o To ensure his team work within a given time frame and strive to meet projected targets and program deadlines. o Work closely with the Workshop Foreman, involving him in all aspects of the work. o Liase with the Construction Manager, informing him of finished products, their location and anticipated delivery dates. o Manage stock levels. Liase with buyer regarding purchasing of materials and logistics. o Assist in developing and maintaining a preferred Supplier Data Base.  o Manage and control Preferred Sub Contract Fabrication Firms.  o Monitor absence and punctuality of all employees within the workshop, keeping accurate records to be relied upon at appraisal or disciplinary hearings. o To monitor Health & Safety compliance of all employees within the workshop. Reporting and recording observations to Management monthly. o Monitor competency and performance of workshop personnel, reporting and recording observations as necessary. o Assist in carrying out yearly appraisals of workshop personnel. o Report any incidents, accidents within the workplace, to Management at the earliest opportunity. o Report any grievances or matters that may require disciplinary action to Management at the earliest opportunity. o Health & Safety Representative - Working with management to strive to provide safe systems of work, and implementing them in the workshop environment. o Demonstrate a high standard of Health & Safety awareness and housekeeping. 
To Manage Workshop Quality Control and maintain traceability of fabricated items, to conform with CE Marking legislation. o Report and record Non Conformities  o Manage workshop timesheets, ensuring accuracy for input in to project Management program   o Read and understand fabrication drawings, both Architectural and Structural. o Liase with Draughtsmen on drawing issues and design. o Ensure all workshop machinery is maintained in a safe and efficient condition. Keeping inspection records and organising replacement or repair as necessary. o Oversee the training of Apprentice workers allocated to the workshop.  o Promote a high work ethic within the workshop at all times. o Demonstrate a good knowledge of all welding processes and their procedures o Demonstrate a good understanding of all workshop equipment and the correct usage. Including COSHH regulations and the safe handling and storage of gases.  o Train personnel within the workshop as necessary on the use of machinery with specific regard to Health & Safety  o Demonstrate a good understanding of all types of finishes relevant to the trade. o Assist in all aspects of a workshop environment.  o Perform all reasonable duties and tasks as requested by the company.


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